Web Copywriting + SEO Content Writing Training Course in Mumbai

Training Program in Web Copywriting and SEO Content Writing – in Mumbai, Pune

Learn Web Copywriting and SEO Content Writing for a Lucrative Career

Are you interested in any of the following?

  • Making a career writing Web Copy or SEO Content for corporates, website owners and advertising agencies
  • Striking out on your own as a freelance web copywriter or SEO content writer, or
  • Making money on the side online without throwing up your present job

Then this Web Copywriting + SEO Content Writing Course is just what you need to earn money in a booming and expanding market. The demand and the opportunities are there for those who can write the words that sell, words that make search engines drive traffic to websites. All you need to do is to enroll for our specially designed course which will empower you with the right skills. In-demand skills like Web Copywriting and SEO Content Writing.

Money making opportunities for Web Copywriters

Newspapers, magazines, TV, websites… all these are crammed with promotional material that depends on the skills of good copywriters to rake in profits for the advertisers. Today, an increasing number of business owners are taking the online route to market services and products. More businesses, more products, more websites, all of this indicates a growing demand for professional copywriters.

Money making opportunities for SEO Content Writers

The internet is exploding with websites, all jostling for attention in cyberspace. But the ones that succeed in getting a competitive edge over the rest are those with Search Engine Optimised content. Not surprisingly therefore, companies and website owners need skilled writers who are good at SEO Content Writing.

How YOU can benefit from our Web Copywriting + SEO Content Writing Course

Here’s what our economically priced, well-structured, course includes:

  • The basics of copywriting for different media
  • The fundamentals and the complexities of Web Copywriting and SEO Content Writing
  • Tips and tricks to craft attention-grabbing headlines and compelling copy
  • Understanding customer psychology; tailoring copy to convince different categories of potential customers
  • A stepwise approach to any copywriting assignment
  • Tricks and techniques for optimizing webpages for search engines
  • Latent Semantic Indexing and SEO Content Writing
  • Professional level guidance in Web Copywriting and SEO Content Writing along with real examples and practical exercises
  • Training provided by experienced and professional tutors
  • Tips for polishing the skills learnt, and strategies for confidently approaching clients and snagging copywriting and SEO content writing jobs
  • A FREE, follow-up session sometime after the course for additional guidance and assistance

All over the world, big and small businesses today realize that just loading their web pages with technically accurate matter does not translate into profits for them. They know that whether it’s web content, website landing pages, home pages, product and sales pages, sales letters, e-newsletters, or blogs, the copy or content has to be crafted by people who specialize in web copywriting and SEO content writing. Therefore, they’re not only looking out for people with these skills, they’re willing to spend big bucks for getting the right professionals.

So, enroll NOW. Don’t let an excellent opportunity for earning good money online pass you by. Our cost-effective price will be just a small investment for tapping a new, lucrative stream of income.

Course details:

Compact, 4-session course spanning two consecutive Sundays conducted in Mumbai and Pune, India

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