Online Reputation Management Services in Mumbai

Online Reputation Management Services in Mumbai, India

What is your company’s online reputation? Unfortunately, not everything that you find posted online about your company will have a positive effect on your company’s good name. If you wish to manage your company’s online reputation, you’d need to bury negative opinions, views, and comments posted about your company throughout various sites on the Internet. Our experienced staff will help you bring down all the negative comments and views by creating new good buzz around your company’s products and/or services. Here is what our Online Reputation Management (ORM) services cover:

“In the beginning of this year my company based in Mumbai was publicly embarrassed by an unhappy competitor, who brought my online business down. I did extensive Research on SEO companies in Mumbai and Digital Success stood out from the rest; in just a few months I saw tremendous improvement in my site ratings, and all he negative feedback about my company was gone from the top pages. I am very thankful to Digital Success for restoring my online reputation”

Satyajit Trivedi

Strategy for Managing Online Reputation

We have been providing reputation management services for a long time for many long-standing customers and we can help your business as well.


As a rule, after finding the product or service over the web, people begin to search for customer reviews.  For many purchasers it will be interesting to know what others think about your company or brand.

Even if some of these negative comments are fake or untrue – it does not change the situation and the negative message they convey to potential clients.  They can be left either by your competitors or dissatisfied ex-employees of your firm.  Nevertheless, potential customers will take into consideration such complaints seriously.  There are no doubts that bad things said about your online business will have a negative impact on future sales volume.  So, would you like to continue losing your money?

Even if the “internet marketing strategy” of your competitors is dishonest – it does not matter.  For some buyers it will be enough to read only one bad review in order to refrain from purchasing your products.  With our online reputation management service, all complaints and negative posts about your brand will be pushed down in the major search engines.  In addition, we will perform the necessary work to improve search engine rankings of your existing good reviews or just create new ones.  We will do the best to show clients only the positive sides of your online business.

Increasing Demand for Reputation Management Services

Brand development services have found a wide application in various fields of business.  One bad customer review can damage the reputation of your company for a long time.  A complaint can be provided by ex-employees of your work team, dissatisfied client or you can be attacked by dishonest competitors.  We perform extensive research on bad comments, feedback and reviews about your product or services and then push down the rankings of these search engine result pages (SERPs) in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.  We have used this proven technique  perfectly to save the reputation of many of our clients based in Mumbai and other cities in India.

Searching for bad reviews on search engines, you will manage to find many negative comments about web hosting providers, web design studios, hotels, restaurants, golf courses, traveling agencies and other businesses.  In addition, the representatives of these industries often experience the attacks of competitors.  Negative internet marketing techniques are becoming more and more popular today.  That is why more and more companies begin to look for affordable and effective online reputation management solutions.  We are ready to offer our cost-effective brand development services!

Online Reputation Management Costs

Let us consider the situation when one envious competitor writes a long story with negative feedback about your company.  Afterwards, this fake review gets posted at a popular forum.  This post is quickly indexed and displayed within top search engine results.  Just imagine how many people will read this fake complaint?  What will be their opinions about your products?  Will they think good about your products or services and make an order or not?

Unfortunately, more often than not a purchase of your products or services will not happen until a reliable reputation management service is provided for your business.  So, what factors should be taken into account when performing this work?  The work and amount of money you will have to pay for brand development services will be determined by the following parameters: the amount of negative feedback about your business, the number of web pages you would like to be pushed down in search engines and competition.  After analyzing all these things, the estimation of budget will be provided.

A successful brand development strategy for your company may include the following actions: link building for good comments, creating new positive feedback and remarks about your products and distributing them among popular websites (press release submission, blog posting, article submission, etc).  We do search engine optimization of web pages with positive product reviews.  In addition, we advertize online businesses on different social media websites, popular directories, and other web resources.

The durability and scopes of reputation management strategy will directly depend on tasks and purposes given.  Therefore, if you would like to block negative comments, particular steps will be carried out to push down search engine rankings of pages with these bad reviews.  If your business has quite a good online reputation, we will work to maintain and improve it.  In this situation, our reputation management efforts will be concentrated on work with existing good feedback.  Additionally, we can add more positive reviews on your products and services.

Long Term Results of ORM Services

We understand the importance of achieving long-term results.  When providing our customers with brand development services we use only proven SEO techniques.  We push negative feedback posts of our clients from the first pages of Google down to eighth-ninth pages or sometimes-even bellow.  Our SEO specialists have extensive hands on experience and deliver excellent results.  The improvements in the reputation of your company will have a positive impact on your business development even in the future.  Negative reviews disappear from the search almost forever.  Our team of internet marketing experts can perform all the necessary actions to prevent bad feedback from appearing in top search engine results.  We will block all attempts of competitors or other people to attack your online business.

Understanding the importance of your online reputation, we do the best to protect it.  That is why our reputation management services have become a solution for many businesses.  We are always glad to help you here!