Content Marketing Services in Mumbai, Pune

Content Marketing Services from Digital Success in Mumbai, Pune

What is Content Marketing?

Generally stated, Content Marketing is a marketing technique, which involves creation and distribution of useful and relevant content in order to attract and acquire customers in your niche, with a goal to drive profitable action from the customers.


Consumers are going away from the traditional way of marketing.  They ignore ads in printed media like magazines and newspapers, they skip TV ads, and have become very adept at finding what they want through online search – not caring about online advertisements in the form of banners or pop-ups.  Smart digital marketers have identified this trend, so they are now going towards content marketing – which is one of the top methods in inbound marketing to drive targeted traffic to your website. This trend is now also visible in Indian buyers, who do not want to get fooled by the traditional advertisements.

The truth is, the term Content Marketing has taken on many names over the years and you’ve probably heard some of them before. Some synonymous titles include branded content, corporate journalism, customer publishing, custom media, custom publishing, customer media, and branded media. Numerous though the titles may be, the chosen term in 2014 seems to be Content Marketing and it umbrellas a widely diverse array of mechanisms to achieve its intended purpose.

Digital Success focuses on providing informative, relevant, and authoritative online content that will establish you as a staple in your industry and appeals to your desired demographic.

Our Take on Content Marketing Strategies

Content Marketing is an ongoing process that needs to be integrated into your overall marketing strategy. The main objective of Content marketing is to attract potential customers and retain existing customers by consistently curating and creating valuable and relevant content and distributing it in order to change or enhance consumer behavior.  Content Marketing focuses on owing media and not buying or renting it.

Content marketing is a non-interruption style of marketing.  It is an art of communicating with your prospects and existing customers without selling. So, instead of pitching about your products or services, you’d be creating and sharing information that would make your buyer more knowledgeable about your product or service domain.   The main principle of this content marketing strategy is that if we, as a business, deliver useful information to our customers an ongoing basis, they’d ultimately start trusting us and reward us with their business & loyalty.

Here, at Digital Success, we use multiple content strategies to provide quality informative content that will instill a level of trust and confidence in your company. We concentrate on targeting the customers that your business appeals to whether you’re a B2B or B2C business. We have successfully executed content marketing strategy for many businesses in Mumbai and other cities in India.

In essence, the provided content arms your customers with pertinent information about your business or product, which in turn, drives your inflow of digital commerce on the up-slope.

Content Marketing Using Social Media

Content marketing through numerous networks, including blogs and social media, shows your business is more than just a pleasing website.

Establishing a blog is a step in the right direction. With a blog you are able to give your customers, partners, or others in your field valuable insights into your company and establish you as a top expert in the industry. This also serves to permeate the web with cooperative relevant info about your brand.

Additionally, having a Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, or even an Instagram page for your business will allow you to share second-by-second updates with your following. Watch your followers, friends, and new customers swell in number and connect with them every day with social media.

Quality Content Marketing for Link building

By establishing your expertise and displaying valuable information is a key method in link building. The more links you get directing to your website from other relevant websites, the higher your search engine rankings go up.