Qualities of a Good SEO consultant

Traits of a Good SEO Specialist

Are you thinking of making a career as an SEO professional? Before you make up your mind, you should get an idea about what is SEO and what are the qualities needed to become a good SEO specialist.

What is SEO?

seo consultant skillsSEO is also known as search engine optimization. In this age of the Internet, we sharpen our intellectual skills using our computers. If you are a computer literate, you must surely know tidbits about search engine optimization. We invariably search the internet for relevant information that might be of interest to us. When we enter a query in a search engine like Google, we get a list of web results matching our query. Search engines rank important web pages matching our query and display these results. But how does it all happen?

First of all, search engines like Google and Bing crawl the web to explore the contents of web pages. This process is usually carried out by a software known as a crawler or a spider. The next function of the search engines is to index every page that they find as they crawl these websites. The indexed web pages are stored in a huge database maintained by the search engines. When a user enters a search query on his machine, the search engine will retrieve matching websites, and rank these websites and display them. This part of the search engine is generally referred to as the search engine algorithm.

Thus, SEO is a technique to rank your web page higher than other web pages when people search for keywords related to your website. A poorly optimized website can not rank in search engines and would not receive any traffic from the search engines. A well optimized website can improve the flow of visitors to your web page. A trained SEO professional, can thus make wonders to a website.

What it takes to become a good SEO Professional?

So, what does it take to become a good SEO professional or SEO consultant? Continue reading

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Link Building Strategies Post Penguin

Link Building Strategy after Penguin Update

If you are outsourcing your link building, you must learn that the old link building methods do not work anymore after the Google Penguin updates. In fact some of the link building methods can do harm to your rankings rather than doing good. Link building services need to certainly alter their strategies after the latest Google Penguin updates. The Google Penguin update efficiently punished websites which went for web spam and building artificial links. TheseĀ  websites were struck with notable traffic and ranking reduction.

link building strategyWith the Penguin update, Google has penalized so many blog networks, link networks, and websites involved in blackhat techniques for inflating their incoming links. Many small and big businesses who had hired SEO agencies in the past have suffered manual penalties from Google and are still trying to recover from these penalties. Quick shortcut methods for link building like free directory submissions, automated link blasts, forum profiles andĀ  blog commenting, which were once considered as effective techniques for building links to improve your position in search engine results. With the Penguin algorithm updates, these tactics can invoke penalties. Google now favors natural links or links that are earned, rather than links that are built. In this article, we will discuss Penguin proof link building techniques. Continue reading

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Digital Marketing – What is it?

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is also known as Internet Marketing. Digital Marketing is a combination of many old and new Internet marketing strategies.

In the early era of Internet, promotion of website to get more traffic was known as Internet Marketing. e-Marketing is another term for Internet Marketing. Websites, blogs, forums, emails were the main platforms used to get traffic in e-Marketing. Search Engine Optimization was one of the major strategies of Search Engine Marketing. Social Media Optimization and Online Reputation Management became important strategies of Social Media Marketing.

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